How to choose the right suit

How to choose the right suit

A good suit can be beneficial in a whole number of ways. If you buy a well cut and made suit it can make you look taller, make you look slimmer and you can feel great wearing a high-quality suit. If you buy a quality suit it can last you a lifetime. In this blog, we’ll look at what to do to make sure you choose the right one for you.

Types of cut 

There are four main cuts that are popular:

  • Skinny fit – a fashionable option, these are a tighter fit with a lean waistline. These are a great choice for tall and slim shapes
  • Slim fit – Slim fit is a silhouette with a trimmer waistline and slim appearance from knee to hem
  • Tailored fit – This fit is great for all body types and shapes for any occasion. It has a slightly closer fit.
  • Classic fit – The classic design of suits is great for all-purpose comfort and wearability. Less figure-hugging than other types, they have a focus on comfort.



  • Buttons – There are a few choices when it comes to buttons. The two-button style is the most popular. Three buttons are a more classic a look, while one is the most contemporary. Double breasted is the most traditional of all styles and are recognisable by two rows of buttons. They are available in two, four or six button versions. It is tradition to leave your bottom button undone, so three button and two button suits need the top two or one fastened respectively.
  • Vents – Most suits have a vent on the back of them. Double vents are the most common, but contemporary suits use a single vent.
  • Lapels – Thee are three main type of lapel – notch, peak and shawl. Notch and peak styles are perfect for business use, weddings and the races, but a shawl style should be worn on a dinner suit or an evening jacket.
  • Fabric – The fabric you get your suit made out should depend on the use you have planned for it. If you ‘re buying a suit to wear for business that will be worn regularly look for wool or wool blend because the fabric will be more durable than polyester or cotton. For occasional wear, where there won’t be the same demands and stresses as wearing it daily you can look at 100% wool, mohair or merino wool. These are very fine fabrics, but as they will be worn less often they won’t be affected by the signs of long-term wear.

As with everything, buying a suit from a quality tailor or a reputable brand will get you a high-quality item that will last a lifetime. Quality tailoring means that the fabric will be high quality, all of the stitching will be of high quality and most importantly the cut and fit of the suit will be far higher than if you buy a cheap suit. I have found excellent deals on Groupon for high quality tailoring, where you can save huge amounts on designer brands.

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