Shoes for Gentlemen – the pairs every man needs to have

Shoes for Gentlemen – the pairs every man needs to have

The old saying goes “you can tell everything about a man from his shoes” is as true today as it was when it was first uttered. Your shoes tell people what type of man you are, your social status and how domesticated you are. For these reasons, we want to ensure you shoes that won’t show you up.

Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots are like a comet, they are a type of shoe that keeps coming back around again. They are hugely versatile, can be worn with a suit for work or worn with jeans for a casual night out. There are loads of options too including leather suede and brogue versions.



A classic pair of brogues are essential to any professional man’s wardrobe and making sure you have a good pair is an essential investment. They are perfect for the professional environment and equally at home in the office or dress events. A good pair will last you a lifetime too.



Oxfords shoes are a timeless classic. They have served men all over the world for centuries and have an air of distinction about them. As with brogues, it’s worth investing in a solid pair as you will always find times you can wear them.



Loafers fill the gap between formal and casual and everyone loves the slip-on comfort they provide. Make sure you don’t buy a cheap pair because if you do they will show signs of ageing very quickly. If you invest in a decent pair, they should last you years. They are perfect for weekends, boat trips and wearing on your way to the golf course.


Desert Boots

If you are comfortable going a bit more casual, then desert boots are an obvious choice. Not as formal as a Chelsea boot and less casual than trainers they are a great option for letting your hair down. A cross between lace-ups and Chelsea boots they are stylish, lightweight and informal.



Older gentlemen will still never entertain the thought of wearing a training shoe, associating them with chavs and the unemployed, but even knights of the realm wear them – Paul McCartney even wears them with a suit! If you’re choosing a pair, make sure you choose a classic plimsole design and avoid anything you might wear in the gym. There are plenty of plain, classic silhouettes that you can wear for washing the car on a Sunday or taking the kids on a day out. Just make sure they go in the bin when they start to look scruffy because scruffy trainers are a no-no.

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