Sustainable underwear – Should I make the change?

Sustainable underwear – Should I make the change?

Sustainability is a buzzword that is everywhere these days and whether its seen as a good thing (as almost every sane person in the world thinks) or see it as a hindrance to business (climate change deniers and pious capitalists) it is something that is going to affect us all. We have a finite amount of resources on earth and we can’t continue to use them all up and expect no comeback. By that, I mean rising sea levels, drought, famine and devastation for millions. The fashion industry was last week described as “medieval” by Stella McCartney and it has to look at its practices to create more sustainable business models. One small change you can make is to move to a sustainable fabric. In this blog, we’ll look at underwear and how you can be more environmentally friendly when you’re choosing it.

Bamboo underwear has been around for a while. I know you’re getting a mental image of pandas chewing on bamboo and wondering how that can be turned into underwear. Bamboo, as you probably know is one of the world’s most rapidly growing plants. It requires no fertiliser or pesticides, so it is very environmentally friendly. To make fabric bamboo is pulped and its fibres are made into yarn. Its fibres feel like silk to the skin and the best way to compare it to cotton is to say it’s like cashmere to cotton’s wool.


What benefits does bamboo fibre have for clothing?

  • Ultra-soft – The fibres produce a fabric that is as soft as silk
  • Antibacterial – It is naturally antibacterial, so that means your underwear won’t get smelly
  • UV protection – Bamboo cuts of 97% of UV rays. Making it great for wearing in sunny countries
  • Hypoallergenic – It’s perfect for allergy sufferers, anti-static and won’t cause any irritation
  • Moisture Wicking – It naturally draws moisture away from the skin, meaning it won’t feel sticky like cotton does.
  • Thermal control – It is naturally a hollow microfibre (like fleece) that is breathable and performs in all temperatures


What benefits does bamboo have for the environment?

  • It only needs rainwater to grow
  • 100% Biodegradable
  • It produces the same volume of yarn from 10% of the land area of cotton. After cotton, the land has to be treated heavily so it can be used for anything because cotton takes all the nutrients from the soil. Bamboo doesn’t.
  • It grows naturally with no pesticides or fertiliser and the ground isn’t ruined afterwards
  • It is the fastest growing plant on earth, so high yields are possible quickly.


I have recently invested in bamboo underpants and I have to say I have found them nothing but delightful. They are soft, stretchable and from now on, knowing the environmental impact of cotton, I will be buying bamboo wherever possible.

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