How to choose chinos

How to choose chinos

Chinos are the casual trouser choice of the dignified man. Less formal than slacks and dressier than denim, they can be dressed up or down, so are hugely versatile. The cotton twill trousers can go with anything, so read on to find out how to find the perfect pair.

What fit should I get?

Try chinos on to see how they fit your build. If you’re more slender, fitted styles work well and if you are slightly more chunky, baggier options may work better for you. If they are too long they are perfect for turning up, or even hemming to create a shorter look. A short turn up look can be quite youthful and exuberant, but make sure they are not too short, to retain a classic look.


What should I wear them with?

Chinos are easy to wear anything with. The classic style is to wear them with a linen shirt tucked in.  For a dressier take, wear them with a sports jacket and a knitted tie. A classic look is to wear them with brown brogues or with deck shoes for that Duran Duran style.


Chino Colours

Chinos come in what seems like every colour of the rainbow, so what does the colour of your chinos say about you? The most common colour for chinos is probably khaki or neutral. These are perfect for wearing almost anywhere and can be paired with anything from T-shirts to sports jackets.

Navy is a good choice for wearing with anything. They work well for evening wear as well as they do an afternoon on a yacht. Navy is also far more versatile than black.

Red chinos are a bolder, fun choice. Lighter reds can be paired with a white t-shirt or shirt for a playful look, while red hues closer to wine are perfect for a casual evening out. Pink hues are great for summer and can be paired with a light shirt and tie if you fancy a fun look. White chinos can be worn in the summer for a clean look.

Hopefully this blog has given you some ideas on how to wear chinos, but as they are fun, summery wear it’s up to you on how to wear these hugely versatile trousers.

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