Choosing a high-quality shirt

Choosing a high-quality shirt

Shirts aren’t all made equal. We might think there are minimal differences between how shirts are made but in reality, these slight differences can make a shirt high or low quality. This blog is going to look at these fine details and what to look for to ensure you get a high-quality shirt.

The fabric

The fabric is the most important element of a shirt. If you choose a fabric that is low-quality you will be uncomfortable. Natural fabrics are the best. I recommend Egyptian cotton for quality. It is a luxurious, long-fibred version of cotton. If the fabric feels rough in any way it is not high quality. It should feel as soft as silk. If you have a shirt with synthetic fibres making up part of it, it can end up with the natural fibres shrinking, but the synthetics will stay the same, making the shirt appear warped.


Single-ply vs Two-ply

High-quality shirts are made of two-ply cotton. Two-fold cotton is created by twisting two yarns together, resulting in a stronger cloth. Two-ply shirts look better, last longer and patterns look clearer.


The seam

The way a shirt is stitched is very important. Highest quality shirts will have a single row of stitching running down the seam on the inside.


Cuffs collars and sleeves

When inspecting a shirt, check out the cuffs for markers of quality. These include cuffs with a gauntlet button and buttonhole next to it for using with cufflinks. The stitching of the button should be in an X shape and the button should be secure.

Check that collars are unfused. Fused collars are those where the lining of the collar is attached to the collar with glue and heat sealed so the layers stick together. When you wash the shirt, the glue can become unstuck and the fabric can bubble. High-quality shirts do not use fused collars. The stitching on the cuffs and collar should be perfect.


The pattern

If your shirt has a pattern, check that the pattern matches at the seams. If they do not match, then care hasn’t been taken to ensure the shirt looks at its best.



The way buttons are stitched to the shirt indicates how high quality it is.  The buttons should be stitched on using a lockstitch. This type of stitching loops together two threads and knots them together. You can check this by checking the stitching on the back of the button. It should have two very short tails. If it only has one, it is of lower quality.


Hopefully this guide has been illuminating and will let you choose your shirts better from here on in.

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